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Check in/out of a location

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ME2HQ offers a simple and effective solution for tracking staff whereabouts in an unobtrusive manner.

Instead of a big brother system that constantly monitors staff movements, our solution puts the emphasis on staff to check in to their location when they arrive on site.

The benefits of the ME2HQ solution are:

Increased end user buy in.

People can regard systems that constantly monitor their location as an invasion of privacy and subsequently can find ways to circumvent them. Users appreciate a system that's not looking over their shoulder.

Multiple ways for field users to log in/out of location.

Our mobile phone app
Our 'Check In' web site which can be accessed by any device with internet access
Text (For when users are out of 3G/WiFi coverage)
A system admin (logging the user's location on their behalf)

No Annual Contract.

Usage charges are calculated on a monthly basis. You can opt out whenever you choose.

Flexible billing model.

One of the great benefits is that our pricinfg model is very affordable. You only pay when your users actually use the system. There's no need to estimate how many licenses you might need. See our Pricing section for more information.

1. Staff members travel to work locations.
2. When they arrive on site, they enter their location to our system.
This is best achieved by using a smart phone, but in the event the user is out of 3G coverage they can communicate via text message.
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3. When they leave the site, they log out of the location.
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4. The system keeps a record of all the location logs, which can be viewed in the following ways:
Simple list
Thematic map
Points on a map
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Our pricing model is simply based on the number of unique users that logged a location visit within a billing period. This eliminates the need to estimate how many field users might use the system, as you're billed only when users actually use the system.

The charge per user is calculated on a rolling scale basis. The more users using the system within a month, the greater the discount.

Pricing Model

Number of usersCost per user
(€ EUR)
The first 10 users5.00
The next 10 (11-20)4.00
21 - 303.00
31 - 402.00
Over 401.00

Estimate your cost

To help estimate your costs, please enter the number of users below to calculate your monthly and total annual charges.

Drop us an email at, and you'll receive a reply shortly.
Where we can, we try and keep costs down so these savings can be passed on to you. We have decided that maintaining a call centre only adds to costs without providing any real benefit to the majority of our customers. We still provide the same high level of service via email.

Cost free, obligation free, no strings attached, 30 day free trial!

Your free trial includes the following:

  • Access to our system for 30 days
  • Up to 10 users
  • Ability for field users to log in and out via:
    • our mobile phone app
    • 'Check In' web site
    • text (for when 3G/WiFi is unavailable)

At any point during the trial you can upgrade to the full package. Simply register a payment method to unlock all features.

Sign up now and start monitoring in just a few minutes!

PS: We do not share your information with anyone.